It's tough leading from the heart centre

But it does not have to be this way!

Let's be honest, serving the world in your greatest capacity as a woman is tough work! We are constantly questioning our value, our position and our uniqueness in this world. Words such as insecurity, imposter syndrome, uncertainty and fear are all too familiar but it's time you create a new narrative. A success story for yourself! This 8 week program will equip you with the confidence to lead, to impact and to influence on your terms!

Do any of these resonate with you?

  • You experience self doubt and imposter feelings

  • You are having difficulty finding your authentic voice

  • You're finding it difficult to get clients that pay

  • You know who you'd like to influence or inspire but you're not sure how to reach them

  • You feel lost or confused about your social media strategy

  • You'd like to have more authority and credibility but not sure how to achieve this

  • You struggle with financial management and cultivating a money mindset

  • You know you're here to serve the world but you struggle to do it bravely

  • You continue to stand in other people's shadow and desire to live bravely in your light

If you resonate with the above then...

Welcome to your Group Coaching Program!

This 8 week program offers a blended curriculum of pre-recorded coaching lessons, live group coaching, Q&A and coaching hotseats. Here's what our program curriculum includes:

  • 1

    Part I: The Inner Work

    • A Warm Welcome, LIVE!

    • Inner Leadership, Why You?

    • QUIZ - Heart Centred Leadership

    • Who Are You Here to Serve?

    • Live Group Coaching

    • Live Group Coaching

  • 2

    Part II: The Outer Work

    • Communicating Through Branding

    • Service Offering and Pricing Part 1: Money Mindset

    • Service Offering Part 2: Pricing Options

    • Live Group Coaching

    • Service Offering and Pricing Part 3: Bundling and Monetisation

    • Business Operations and Financial Management

    • Live Group Coaching

  • 3

    Part III: Going Bravely

    • Implementing and Measuring Impact

    • Live Group Coaching and Farewell!

This program needs your time and presence to see results. A minimum of 2 hours weekly is recommended

Attendance Required for Cohort 2

On these listed days all attendees will be required to attend 2 hour live group sessions hosted on Zoom with Dr. Shelly-Ann. Please note that these times may be subject to change but sufficient notice will be given in such an unforeseen event.

  • September 5th 2021 6pm GMT

  • September 12th 2021 6PM GMT

  • September 19th 2021 6pm GMT

  • October 3rd 2021 10AM CT

  • October 10th 2021 10AM PDT

  • October 24th 2021 10AM (GMT -10)

Bonus Material

As a coachee of this program you also receive:

  • Offline Group Support

    Don't just get support online get it offline as well. Our coach Dr. Shelly-Ann will be checking in with the cohort for weekly updates.

  • Resources

    You will receive downloadable templates that support lessons that can be easily implemented into your practices.

  • Certificate of Completion

    Once successfully completed you will receive a Certificate of Completion to use in your Resumé

What our coaching clients say:

The title is the most accurate to the course because every time we had coaching our coach Dr Shelly ann operated from her heart centered space.

Gwendoline Gomes, Care Taker, UK

This course wasn't an ordinary coaching we were remembered trough the whole proces to continue to lead from our heart and to speak our truth. Because of this course i started to build confidence from within. I never experienced this type of educating that instilled love, confidence unapologetically self expression in the highest form. I joined this program to become more confident in my skin, but i left it as a confident women and a coach who is capable to guide women trough their own transformation. I am beyond grateful for this journey and decided to continue my path with the guidance of Alphastute. Hereby i will continue to invest in myself for the next six months with the help of my amazing coach Dr. Shelly Ann.

An undeniable gift!

Leah Marville, Model | Host| Life Coach, LA, Barbados

It was such a beautiful journey and one that constantly deepened as the time passed 🌱. I’ve coached with some well established coaching schools but I always return to coaching with Dr. Shelly-Ann 🙏🏽. Your gift is undeniable. I take great honour in working with and learning from you - a Caribbean woman of such excellence in this industry space . Cheers to continued greatness! 🥂 #gratitude

A rare combination of academic education and spiritual guidance!

Sirita Franklin, HR Professional, USA

Working with Alphastute has been an awesome experience. Dr. Shelly has a rare combination of higher academic education along with spiritual guidance. It’s a program that connects your heart to your purpose and defines your mind & actions. This is a transformation program that prepares you for greatness. Highly recommend.

Harmonious blend of women, business and divinity!

Desree Richards, Medical Professional. UK

Working with Alphastute and Dr Shelly has not only been a professional experience but also an emotional breakthrough. Dr Shelly has the ability to understand and identify the blockages preventing growth in your business and the emotions that are hindering your progression. There are not many coaches that can create a harmonious connection between women, business and divinity however Dr Shelly does this so well through this experience.

Jane Wight, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados

CEO of Business Supply Group

Knowing that I wanted to do something creative with my leadership style and finding someone that was able to empower me made all the difference. She helped me get very clear on what my leadership could look like and how it could be as impactful and as persuasive as I knew it could be. Alphastute and their methods helped me find that sweet spot where my leadership style was still authentic but has an impact to the organization using the same type of metrics used to determine success. If you're looking to take your life to the next level, I recommend Alphastute.

Rashida Daisley

Director of BFPA

My swift career progression is evidence of the degree of investment that Alphastute’s Chief Advisor, Shelly-Ann, puts into her clients. Alphastute has undoubtedly been crucial to my current success and I am excited to continue my professional evolution with the company.

Payment options (USD)

Coaching is a life changing investment and our mission is to make it accessible. Please note payment via PayPal is only available to those that opt to pay in full.

This program is for you if...

  • You are mentally and spiritually ready to delve deeper into your purpose

  • You are prepared to dedicate time to your goals every week

  • You are able to attend the required days for live coaching

  • You are ready to learn and engage in an interactive group setting with like-minded individuals

  • You appreciate the financial obligation of this program and you are ready to invest in yourself

  • You don't seek therapy, you seek a commitment to self and results

  • You are teachable and open to learning new strategies

  • You are open to forging meaningful, high-vibrational connections

  • You are ready to be held accountable

So, are you ready to Go Bravely?

The time is now to leave insecurity, unworthiness and confusion behind

Be one of the 12 women bravely choosing their victory!

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