I created this mentorship community for you...

As a professional and spiritual woman its been a journey of peeling back every layer of me to deeply come home to who I am at the core. As one of the most sought after High Performance Coaches for brave women, I deeply understand the challenge of excelling in your professional life and keeping up an image that dilutes your feminine essence. I was once in the ugly space of dimming my light to accommodate others, masculinising myself through dress and speech and experiencing a downward spiral rooted in control and a lack of surrender. I was broken in so many ways and after losing my mentor, leaving my home country for a better life, recreating my professional identity from law to business and welcoming in my recent role as wife, I can truly say I AM HOME. I made it!

What you'll get

  • Low-effort with less distractions

    The Community is intentionally designed to remove the noise and distractions that come with being on social media. As such, this space is a safe and peaceful space for intentional learning and questioning.

  • Monthly Mentorship Class

    Live classes with Dr. Shelly-Ann on business, career and education topics which are held the FIRST Sunday of every month. There is also a Q&A session with Dr. Shelly-Ann where you can ask your most pressing professional, personal and spiritual questions with a direct and heart centered response.

  • Monthly Healing Circle

    Desiring to have a safe space to go deeper into your spirituality? Then you're in the right place. Held the LAST Sunday of every month healing circles allow for sharing of spiritual practices, confronting traumas and cultivating a new timeline for your highest good.

  • Replay of Missed Sessions

    Worried about not being able to attend every session? That's okay! All sessions are recorded for the users replay at any time. Get the community you need at your convenience and still have the opportunity to ask questions!

  • A Supportive Community

    Connect with strong, professional females who are seeking more out of their lives and are ready to go bravely into their confidence and feminine power, just like you!

  • Resources On The Go

    Have easy access to members-only resources to improve your life, your productivity and your brand. It's like offline guidance and a library resource at your fingertips!

I deeply know that you too can experience bliss in both your professional and personal life and it is why I have created this mentorship community for aspirational women... To help you return to YOU and leave no parts of you behind. Bravely bringing ALL of you to every room you enter. I intend for this mentorship community to be your nest, your safe space, your place of informed guidance and trust. A place with less noise and distraction and more meaning. Take my hand and let's Go Bravely into this world together. I look forward to guiding you Queen. See you soon ❤️✨

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This is a monthly automated subscription. Sessions are held the Last and First Sunday of each month with replays available!

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Your Mentor

LLB, LEC, PG.Dip, MSc, PhD.

Dr. Shelly-Ann Gajadhar

Dr. Shelly-Ann is an Educator, High Performance Coach and the CEO of Alphastute Ltd. As a Caribbean woman she has made brave strides having left the legal profession after 4 years as a criminal prosecutor and recreating herself professionally. She now specialises in coaching highly ambitious men and women on their business and careers with research interests in leadership, management and innovation. As a spiritual woman, she speaks powerfully from the heart centre and guides her clients to their highest selves and calling. In 2020 she was listed as one of the Top 100 alumni at the University of Edinburgh Business School for her work with Alphastute and she continues to be one of the most dynamic, impactful and sought after coaches for modern day women.

What's it like having Dr. Shelly-Ann as your Mentor

The most transformative experience in my life!

Ms Desire Artist, United Kingdom

I was contemplating coaching for a  whole year before I decided to embark on my journey - I was scared and didn’t know what to expect but from my first session it was clear that Shelly was more than a coach, she was someone who was truly invested in my goals and dreams. Each session, Shelly lovingly pushed me in the right direction. Instead of talking at me, she spoke to me, explaining things, breaking things down, making sure I understood and ensured each new method taught could be applied to my life in the right way. I’m so glad I made the leap and truly committed to the six month process. The transformation in my life and most importantly my mindset has been incredible and I honestly couldn’t of made these crucial life changes without Shelly! I feel brand new, I feel unstoppable and I feel like I can bravely do anything I set my mind to! Anyone who is thinking about embarking on this journey, do it! You will not be disappointed. Warning - Your potential WILL be unlocked!!

A rare combination of academic education and spiritual guidance!

Sirita Franklin, HR Professional, USA

Working with Alphastute has been an awesome experience. Dr. Shelly has a rare combination of higher academic education along with spiritual guidance. It’s a program that connects your heart to your purpose and defines your mind & actions. This is a transformation program that prepares you for greatness. Highly recommend.

Helped me be creative with my leadership!

Jane Wight, CEO, Trinidad and Tobago

Knowing that I wanted to do something creative with my leadership style and finding someone that was able to empower me made all the difference. She helped me get very clear on what my leadership could look like and how it could be as impactful and as persuasive as I knew it could be. Alphastute and their methods helped me find that sweet spot where my leadership style was still authentic but has an impact to the organization using the same type of metrics used to determine success. If you're looking to take your life to the next level, I recommend Alphastute.

An undeniable gift!

Leah Marville, Model | Host| Life Coach, LA, Barbados

It was such a beautiful journey and one that constantly deepened as the time passed 🌱. I’ve coached with some well established coaching schools but I always return to coaching with Dr. Shelly-Ann 🙏🏽. Your gift is undeniable. I take great honour in working with and learning from you - a Caribbean woman of such excellence in this industry space . Cheers to continued greatness! 🥂 #gratitude

Harmonious blend of women, business and divinity!

Desree Richards, Medical Professional. UK

Working with Alphastute and Dr Shelly has not only been a professional experience but also an emotional breakthrough. Dr Shelly has the ability to understand and identify the blockages preventing growth in your business and the emotions that are hindering your progression. There are not many coaches that can create a harmonious connection between women, business and divinity however Dr Shelly does this so well through this experience.

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This is a monthly automated subscription. Sessions are held the Last and First Sunday of each month with replays available!

  • $33.00 / month

    Monthly subscription for Mentorship Session and Healing Circle

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The Go Bravely Mentorship Community is for:

  • The woman who knows she is here for something more and seeks to be mentored by Dr. Shelly-Ann

  • The woman who seeks a low effort mentorship community that is much less noisy and distracting than social media

  • The woman who is ready to become more confident and take her personal and professional life to the next level of growth and abundance

  • The woman who is tired of being told she "is too much" and is ready to engage with a like-minded, ambitious and spiritually grounded group of women

  • The woman who finds it challenging at times to balance her spirituality with business/career and seeks mentorship to achieve more harmony in her life

  • The woman who is ready to embody her feminine essence and celebrate her mind and body

  • The woman who is committed to making a small financial investment in HERSELF once a month to becoming her highest self

Join the Go Bravely Mentorship Community

A small monthly investment towards your development. Monthly Mentorship Call and Healing Circle!


  • Is this a one time payment?

    No, the Go Bravely Mentorship Community is a monthly payment of $33 USD which is automatically debited from your payment method each month.

  • What is your cancellations and refunds policy?

    The Go Bravely Mentorship Community is a service and as such all sales are final. No refunds are offered. In the event that you have to cancel your subscription with us, we would hate to see you go but you can do so easily by logging in to your account and cancelling your subscription.

  • Is the Community a safe space?

    Yes, it absolutely is! All members are screened and administration reserves the right to remove any members that infringe on intellectual property, privacy and mutual respect.

  • When are the Mentorship Classes with Dr. Shelly-Ann?

    The Mentorship Classes are held LIVE on the FIRST SUNDAY of every month. The Healing Circles are held LIVE on the LAST SUNDAY of every month.

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A small monthly investment in you, in community and in growth!